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Land of the Venda

In its endeavour to identify new products for visitors to Southern Africa, African Outposts have discovered a rare gem-SIGURWANA- place where one feels close to heaven.

Sigurwana is a hauntingly beautiful 4 chalet lodge situated in the Soutpansberg mountains in the Limpopo province –home to the colourful Venda people. Tucked away between the Tropic of Capricorn and Kipling’s legendry great, grey-green, greasy Limpopo River The Soutpansberg forms a barrier between modern civilization and the ancient. The Venda people crossed the Limpopo River from ancient Zimbabwe where they were known as the Rozvi-Karanga people to escape the barbaric people of the north, the slave raiders, the ivory hunters and adventurers to settle in this inhospitable area at the beginning of the 18th century. They named it Venda (The pleasant place).

Vulture’s Pool

Adjacent to the peak known as Lajuma ( 1770m) The Wright Family established Sigurwana and carved a breathtaking Lodge overlooking a botanical and wilderness paradise importing much of the indigenous game that now thrives on the mountain – Sable, Eland, Kudu among other species, which includes Leopard ( this area is said to have the most densely populated Leopard in South Africa )

There are more than 320 different species of trees including an ancient yellow-wood forest as well as rare cycads and tree ferns – variety not even the Kruger National Park can boast about. Game drives in 4 x 4 vehicles and hiking trails allow viewing these wilderness attractions as well as the many birds that make these trees their home. The rare Narina Trogan, Forest Canary, Blackheaded Oriel, Collared Sunbirds, crowned and black eagles among them. One of the most fascinating memories of this lodge is the sighting of the small creatures one comes across that are difficult to find in most reserves, animals such as Aardvark, porcupine, civit and pangolin. Liesel and Neil Wright tell many a tale of these animals in their pillow stories. African Outposts is, in future, going to use Sigurwana in some of its activities including the Limpopo Odyssey, Northern Kruger and Venda, Mashatu Tour and the Ivory Trail.

Written by BOB WALLEY – Chairman of African Outposts.

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