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Namibia is generally a hot and dry country. However, there is a range of local climates with extreme variations. The Atlantic coast is subject to both cold, moist mists, which come ashore in summer, and hot, dusty winds, which come from inland in winter. Mountain areas are typically cooler and have greater rainfall. The border regions with Angola and Zambia are tropical hot and humid. Most of the interior land surface is desert or semi-desert. The summer months of November to April are generally hot and sunny with temperatures rising as high as 85°F with night temperatures dropping to around 59°F. The coastal region is cool and dry throughout the year. The rainy season runs from February to March and average rainfall varies from less than 50mm along the coast to 350mm in the central and 700mm in the far north-eastern regions. During the winter months of May to October, days are dry, sunny and mild to warm (68°F) but evening temperatures drop significantly to as low as 32°F, being particularly cold and windy at the coast, for which warm clothing and a windbreaker are necessary.

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