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Welcome to African Outposts

Experience the vast richness and biodiversity of the game parks, lodges and wildlife of this stunningly beautiful, southern-most tip of the African continent. Explore the unforgettable vistas and unique ecology that defines the real. And indulge in the rich experience of a diverse and colourful culture.


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The Commercial & Industrial Powerhouse of the Country

If you're in search of urban vibes, Gauteng will captivate you. Whilst its history lies embedded in the discovery of gold, today Gauteng not only has one of the best infrastructures, but its population form part of a vibrant mix of energy and diversity that make it one of the wealthiest provinces in Africa and the entertainment epicentre of South Africa.
Hot air balloon rides, bungee jumping, mountain biking and walking in Nelson Mandela's footsteps… these are a few of our favourite must-do’s when you visit Gauteng.
Gauteng also has a unique geological history that's evident at the World Heritage-listed Cradle of Humankind. This vast valley full of caves and fossils is one of the African continent's most important archaeological sites.


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Pretoria & Centurion

South Africa’s administrative centre is a handsome city, with several gracious old houses in large, leafy suburbs. Wide streets are lined with a purple haze of jacarandas in October and November. Officially, the greater Pretoria region, which also includes Centurion and few of smaller towns and townships, is called Tshwane.


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Johannesburg & Sandton

The second largest city in Africa, also known as Joburg or Jozi, offers visitors an experience as unique and diverse as the city itself. Whether you are on business, in search of a cultural encounter, an adrenaline rush or simply want to relax and unwind for a few days, the city of Johannesburg has everything you’re looking for and more!
Sandton continues to reign as the most important business, tourism, leisure and retail hub of Gauteng. Sandton continues to offer first-class services to those who Work, Stay, Play or Shop here. It is a destination of choice for many, and offer everything from exclusive hotels to guest house accommodation, transport, conferencing and entertainment as well as varied retail offerings.
Nelson Mandela Square, adjoined to Sandton City, celebrates African hospitality and international style. Home to some of South Africa’s finest restaurants, exclusive couture and designer labels and a European-style piazza. Nelson Mandela Square offers chic sophistication, culture and glamour all under the African sun.

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Cradle of Humankind

The Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site is an area of outstanding universal value. Its complex of fossil-bearing caves contains a superbly preserved record of the stages in the evolution of humankind over the past 4-million years. It's the world's richest early hominin site and is home to around 40% of the world's known human-ancestor fossils.
The recent unveiling of Homo naledi, a previously undiscovered species, put the Cradle of Humankind back in the global spotlight. According to Wits University findings, it appears Homo naledi deliberately disposed of its dead, behaviour that was previously thought to be limited to humans.
Maropeng, the official visitor centre for the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site, houses an array of fascinating artefacts and research relating to human ancestry. Maropeng is the Setswana word for "returning to the place of origin".
The variety of accommodation available in the Cradle makes it easy for visitors to stay longer and explore the entire area.

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