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Welcome to African Outposts

Experience the vast richness and biodiversity of the game parks, lodges and wildlife of this stunningly beautiful, southern-most tip of the African continent. Explore the unforgettable vistas and unique ecology that defines the real. And indulge in the rich experience of a diverse and colourful culture.

Free State

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The Free State is ideal for a road trip, with broad horizons that are interrupted only briefly by a smattering of towns and villages and, apart from Bloemfontein, the urban centres are small and manageable. The Eastern Highlands, around the Drakensberg and the Lesotho border, is a vast area of rocky- mountains, steep valleys and summer electrical storms. It’s spectacular country, well known for its fruit farms, especially cherries. There are some excellent accommodation options in this part of the country, along with the stunning and walkable Golden Gate Highlands National Park.

The Free State tends to be a place where visitors pass through rather than a destination. However, it’s well worth exploring for its natural beauty, adventure sports and history – especially Bloemfontein, which, although historically an Afrikaner city, is also the birthplace of the African National Congress (ANC).


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With the feel of a small country village, despite its double-capital status – it’s the Free State’s capital and the judicial capital of the country – Bloemfontein is one of South Africa’s most pleasant cities. Although it doesn’t possess the type of big-name attractions that make it worth a visit, you’ll likely pass through 'Bloem' at some point on your way across South Africa’s heartland and there are some small-scale sights to keep you occupied for a day or two.

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Northern Free State

With a pretty countryside of rolling hills, the northern Free State offers a growing number of hiking, mountain-biking and fishing opportunities. Near Parys in the far north, at Vredefort Dome, is one of the world's largest visible meteor craters, now one of South Africa’s eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites. (The crater is too wide to get a good photo from the ground and to get a real impression of it, you'll need to take a flight.)

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Where to Stay

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Eastern Highlands & Southern Free State

With the Kingdom of Lesotho tucked into its crook, the mighty Eastern Highlands are the Free State’s star attraction. The wild, rugged border winds its way past snow-shrouded mountains in winter and amber foliage in autumn – the views are spectacular, particularly in the northwest around Clarens. From Bethlehem to Harrismith, the region boasts sandstone monoliths towering above undulating golden fields, the fantastic Golden Gate Highlands National Park and trendy Clarens, South Africa’s cutest country-village art destination.

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Golden Gate Highlands National Park

Secretly tucked away in the rolling foothills of the Maluti Mountains and surrounded by breath taking scenery of wildlife and lush vegetation, something magical happens in the Park before dark. The jagged sandstone outcrops fronting the foothills of the wild, maroon-hued Maluti Mountains glow golden in the dying light before the sky explodes in a fiery collision of purple and red.
The park might not boast any of the Big Five, but it does feature fantastic nightly sunsets.
There are quite a few animals in the park, including grey rhebok, blesbok, elands, oribi antelope, Burchell’s zebras, jackals, baboons and numerous bird species as well as the rare bearded and Cape vultures and the endangered bald ibis. The park is popular with hikers on long treks or shorter walking trails and the Park has two self-drive loop, with well-maintained tarred roads.

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With a backdrop of craggy limestone rocks, verdant green hills and the magnificent Maluti Mountains, Clarens is a picture-perfect village of whitewashed buildings and quiet, shady streets.
It's also an art destination, with many galleries focusing on quality works by well-known South African artists. Charming guesthouses, gourmet restaurants, eclectic cafes and myriad adventure activities round out the appeal.
The town fills up with beer enthusiasts on the last weekend in February for the annual Clarens Craft Beer Festival – one of the country's largest.


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